The charter got its start in the spring of 2018. Our tightknit community was shaken to its core following the devastating La Mesa fire which took our old clubhouse.

Henry nearly died trying to save his grow operation in the early stages of the blaze and found the polluted air too difficult to bear during his recovery. But at our lowest point, the few of us left packed up our records and bongs in search of somewhere new and exciting. We hit the Los Santos highway and we didn't stop riding until we found Grapeseed: a beautiful, fresh air, farming community located along the southeast coast of the Alamo Sea in the shadow of Mt. Chiliad with low enough housing prices that even we could afford a small piece of paradise.

Here in Grapeseed, we’ve flourished in our stunning two-story clubhouse located conveniently adjacent to two liquor stores with lakefront dock access. We make good use of the shopping areas easily accessible both in neighboring Sandy Shores and downtown Grapeseed. But nothing is more representative of the quieter and more fulfilling Grapeseed lifestyle than our very own tractor supply store across the street from the clubhouse. It is there that we interface with bastions of the Grapeseed community like Billy Bob and host guests from other charters. It is our deepest hope that eventually our humble charter will become as synonymous with Grapeseed as the iconic green and yellow tractor as we patrol the Alamo coastline and Mckenzie air strip in our precious desert valley.


Founded:  1910

County:    Blaine 

State:       San Andreas

Mayor:    Trevor Smith 

Grapeseed is a small rural town located in northeast Blaine County.  Grapeseed is situated north of Sandy Shores, southwest of Mount Gordo, west of the San Chianski Mountain Range and sits on the coastline of the Alamo Sea and the southeastern foot of Mount Chiliad. Its slogan is "The Industrial Heart of the Alamo Sea". 
Grapeseed is an agricultural settlement dedicated to providing San Andreas with its food. Most of the area consists of large fields of crops and livestock along with barns, sheds, and silos containing the necessary equipment to maintain the crops. McKenzie Field is located just to the east of the town, a rural airport. 
Grapeseed is no different from the nearby town, Sandy Shores, in terms of crime and drug dealing. It is said that the workers in Grapeseed also make amphetamine and distribute it, respectively. Some of the crops being grown also somewhat resemble cannabis, the plant smoked as marijuana.